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Starting Over...

Posted by Melissa Taylor on
Starting Over...

Hello friends! 

It's been many months without a post, and I apologize for that.  But you know how the universe has a way of making life super interesting at crazy (and sometimes inopportune) times? That. That's exactly what's been going on. 

In case you missed the few Instagram & Facebook posts I made, I had a baby boy on Mother's Day! 

Just hours after birth

I'll be honest with you; we weren't prepared for the news that I was pregnant. Having another baby wasn't something that my husband and I ever really got around to chatting about - things were cruising along and our life was pretty great, so the conversation didn't seem to be an overly pressing one to have. Turns out, we should have had that conversation.  Because if we had, just maybe there would have been some form of a game plan for the coming months.  Instead we're winging it like complete newbies down the road to parenthood - Which is silly since we're not new; we're almost 5 years in.

I titled this post "Starting Over" because that's exactly how it feels; like we're 5 years in the past, back to when Little Miss was born.  We're right back to breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, spit up, diapers & 'pooplosions' and laundry mountains.  Did I mention diapers & pooplosions?! The only difference is that now Little Miss is along for the ride with us, offering her help at every turn unless it involves said spit up or poop (bless her!)  But just sayin'... no matter how much work you put into preparing a soon-to-be older sibling, or trying to share your time & attention between children, it's never enough no matter what the age.  


Proud Big Sister & her Little Brother

We've had to blindly recreate our once perfectly carried out routines...Wanna leave the house for anything? Yeah, better do that with a built-in 2 hour grace period "just in case" we need to stop the car to nurse the baby.  Bath time has progressed to an entire evening's sport, and work? What the heck is that? Being self employed is awesome - except when you have to get back into the mindset for actually working, when all you want to do is both sleep like the dead and spend all day cuddling your babies.

And why I didn't have the forethought to ask my mommy friends for tips on this whole transition is totally beyond me.  I found out the hard way that taking both children grocery shopping - ALONE - at just 5 weeks postpartum is a bad idea; Ordering those groceries online and simply picking them up is definitely the way to go here.  I only wish I could bibbitybobbityboo them into the fridge as easily. 

Needless to say, adjusting to our new "normal" has been a roller coaster ride, but one that I wouldn't change for anything. Truth is, I forgot how rewarding it is to watch your baby grow literally before your eyes, and the fact that Little Miss is watching right along with us is such a blessing. I can’t wait to celebrate all the “firsts” with my son, just as I did with Little Miss.

Although we’re feeling like the worst hangover in history most days (seltzer can't fix this one), this time around is really just like doing it the first time. But we’ve discovered that It’s actually taking much less energy to rebound back from the brink of "I can't handle this".  That's gotta count for something, right?  I just hope that any other plot twists life has to offer consist only of my children misbehaving in public or finding a million dollars in the park lol.

What was your transition to two children like? Was it a struggle, or was it easy like The Brady Bunch?


- Melissa


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