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About Us

Adorable October was born in the winter of 2014, with what began as a necessity and quickly transformed into a passion for creating fashionable and truly functional accessories for little ones.

Our inspiration was, is, and forever will be our little pumpkin (and official mascot) Lil' Lady A.  When she was a baby, the drool flood came early and it didn't take us long to discover that the adorable-factor was absent from the commercial bib market; not to mention the functionality of what was available. Absorption of the constant dribble flood just wasn't happening. Enter our version of the Bibdana. Countless tests and trial runs later, it has become our bestselling product!

The next two years had us exploring new patterns and products, taking custom orders and simply listening to what customers were interested in. Turns out, we weren't alone in wanting items that were truly functional, and looked awesome as well! 

So here we are today with a catalogue of products larger than we could have ever imagined. And while it may seem limited and very small when compared to so many other businesses out there, the importance of functional quality and carefully handmade cute has never changed.

And don't expect it to, either 😉